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100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup for Over 50 Years

Maple syrup is graded according to color, flavor, and clarity.  Each grade has its own flavor and color, and these characteristics are used to determine the grade of syrup.

 Lighter grade syrups (like our Golden) are ideal for adding subtle sweet flavor to desserts, pancakes, and other breakfast foods. Golden is also a good choice for adding flavor to oatmeal and waffles. 

Medium grade syrups (like our Amber) are darker in color and have a stronger maple flavor.  Amber is a good choice for baking and cooking recipes that call for a maple flavor that isn't too strong.

Darker grade syrups (like our Dark) are the darkest grade of maple syrup and have an extremely strong, robust flavor. Dark is best used in recipes that require a very strong maple flavor.

Grades of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup


Golden with Delicate Taste

Light, golden color with a mild, delicate taste.  Delicious topping for pancakes, waffles, ice cream or yogurt. 

Amber with Rich Taste

A light amber color and full-bodied flavor, this grade of syrup is the product of choice for consumers who desire the classic maple syrup flavor.  

Dark with Robust Taste

A dark amber color with a more pronounced maple flavor, this grade of maple syrup will satisfy those consumers who desire the strong flavors. It is great for baking and cooking since the flavor maintains its integrity. 


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— Martin & Jean Collins